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Week Review #3

Ambient Guitar / Soundscape #22 - “TV Session ep.2”


The initial lightly overdriven guitar sound is formed by Strymon Riverside fed into Joyo JF-14 amp sim.

Then the signal splits into two lines. The first line goes to Strymon Volante (tape delay). The second one goes to Strymon BigSky. Later they are combined in one stereo line and fed into Strymon TimeLine that works in Frippertronics mode (dual delay with sound degradation, ratio 8/1)

Strymon BigSky is used as a short delay for one flute note only.

I use volume knob here for volume swells.

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Ambient NGO - Soundscape

This is a short ambient piece where I play NGO – my custom instrument that resembles an electric cello, but has no neck. The NGO signal passes Strymon Timeline delay and Strymon BigSky reverb where I change presets from hall on bass and pad layers to choral on high voices.


When we talk about the effects placed “in parallel” most often we talk about “send-return loop” of a combo / amp head. But there is another way to order your effects in chain which is also called “in parallel”. This way implies splitting the signal in two or even more individual lines to process them separately and combine somewhere at the final stage. This is a far more advanced and technically complicated approach. Maybe I will not unveil a secret to you, but this is the way many pro artists record their guitars in studio.