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About this site

In the early days when I tried to go into Ambient guitar I wish I had a comprehensive web resource where I could find all the information about soundscapes, looping techniques, tips and tricks, effects settings, appropriate equipment, related videos, useful links and all that stuff. Unfortunately there was none. All the information around the web was scattered and I had to do this puzzle step by step. It took a very long time before I felt myself qualified enough to start publishing my ambient pieces, YouTube videos and finally grew bold to share my knowledge with musicians.

This site was more or less planned to be such kind of resource. I would not call it comprehensive due to the vast outreach of the subjects examined. Nevertheless I carefully try to put together all that scattered information I find essential to help you save your time in searching the internet on your way to the Awareness.

Due to the fact that substantial part of the content is based on my personal experience sometimes I use my earlier published videos as an illustration for the topic of discussion. At some point this site is definitely an attempt to get more exposure to my music though it is not the main goal. Music has always been my passion as well as a breadwinner for several years now.

I will sincerely appreciate your response on Socials: YouTube and Facebook. If somehow you would like to support me in the maintaining of ambientguitar.net the best way doing it is to buy my music on Bandcamp.


About the structure of the site

Home – synoptical section with links to the most actual pages

How-to-Play – this the main section where instructional videos and articles are located:

  • Volume Swells – one of the key ambient guitar techniques
  • Drones – different approaches to gain sustained and droning sound
  • Soundscapes – basic concepts how to construct simple and complex soundscapes
  • Tricks & Tweaks – effects settings, tips and tricks, other tutorials
  • Featured Videos – a number of my videos and comments to them to illustrate my ambient guitar approach
  • Explore – this section contains a list of my favorite YouTube players, reviews on the most in demand Equipment among ambient guitarists, Useful links

ABC – short articles about the core terms and tools

My Music – all about my ambient guitar music and music I compose for movies

About – what it’s all about

News – new posts, week reviews, uploads, articles and more


Sincerely yours, 

Mikhail Medvedev